With over 40 years of experience in coating and laminating stocks for label materials. we have capability to cater to innovative product developments for our customers. At Weldon we spend as much time possible in understanding the applications and requirements of our customers. This results in providing ON TARGET solutions.

Weldon’s guiding principles:
 Weldon Celloplast Limited has its manufacturing plant in Khushkhera, Rajasthan. Our focus is to manufacture customized solutions for our customers which gives them the advantage to print and create unique labels and packaging.

Our manufacturing capabilities include the following technologies and solutions:

  • Hot-melt adhesive coatings
  • Water Based or emulsion adhesive coating
  • Back Printing on release liners
  • Zone or Pattern Coatings
  • Specialized Coatings
  • Multi-layer laminates and security label products
  • Die Cut Labels and Profiles
  • Double Side Specialty tapes

 With our technical knowledge and expertise, we cater to a growing demand of customized solutions. We can offer special materials for a niche application which may be difficult to source from the market.

Security solutions:
We provide a wide range of security solutions to cater to the huge problem of counterfeiting. Our solutions can be applied to various surfaces such as, envelops, cartons, primary packaging, metal and plastic products.

Our products are helping many companies to effectively control their counterfeiting problems!

Self-adhesive label materials:
 Available in various constructions, we have moved away from commodity stocks and cater to a large variety of custom coating, label and packaging materials for very special customized applications. We also specialize in making custom stocks based on our customer’s requirements.

Stationery product solutions:
 We have a wide range of stationery solutions such as for A4 labels, tapes, blank labels, colored labels, etc. These solutions are sold to our OEM customers.