FAES is a world-wide leading manufacturer of high performance slitting and rewinding machines for sensitive foils and films.

The machines we have developed for slitting and rewinding foils are superior with respect to their drive technology and performance in numerous applications. This is the reason why FAES has been able to take pride for years in a globally-installed base. Many years of experience with slitters and rewinders guarantee maximum productivity in the converting of the materials. FAES ranks number one world-wide in the segment for slitting and rewinding machines for thermal transfer foils. This modular, colour-coded range comprises nine machines developed to meet a vast range of needs.

While we are certainly a well-established Swiss company, we are also highly internationally oriented and committed to dynamic development. FAES operates subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and USA and maintains close partners all over the world. We have an international workforce, employing specialists in engineering, mechanics, software programming, supply chain management and finance. The company is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Our qualified personnel, modern infrastructure and progressive management tools have established FAES as a reliable, value-adding partner for the serial production of high-tech machines for the most diverse of sectors, both nationally and abroad. Our customers are major international companies, which seek to substantially increase their profitability.

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  • Blau system | Thermotransfer ribbons (TTR) and dye-sublimation foils, single-base construction

  • System violett | Thermotransfer ribbons (TTR) and dye-sublimation foils, twin-base construction

  • System rot | Stamping foils, sensitive foils and films up to 1,6 m widths

  • System braun | Stamping foils, capacitor foils, battery foils, thin and sensitive hightech films and foils, narrow cut widths

  • System gelb | Label stock materials

  • System orange | Lint rollers, with flying perforation knife

  • System grĂ¼n | Thermotransfer ribbons (TTR), hot stamping foils, label stock materials, aluminium, also doctoring

  • System grau | Tailor made machines for customized applications; aluminum, mica tapes, flexible printed circuit boards, adhesive tapes, correction tapes, other sensitve foils and films