We aim to provide value to our customers in the 4 areas identified as below:

  1. Training Services : Our industry lacks the infrastructure to provide organised training to press operators, Production Managers and anybody who is in charge of a process in the flexo printing department. We aim to provide this infrastructure with starting of 2 initiatives for the same
    1. Training inside the company :    We already have on roll, professionals who can provide training on various brands of flexo presses to company employees inside their own factory. Our approach is, to train company’s employees, inside their premises on their machines
    2. Training Seminars : Headed by Mr. Frank Burgos, a renowned international trainer, we aim to have a team of 2-3 international experts who will come to India to provide training to companies in a class room type environment. Visit FlexoGurukul for more Information
  2. BackUp Support : A shift loss may cost a company approx. 75000 INR (Based on our estimates). In the Indian flexo industry, because of lack of manpower, it is pretty common that operators may leave the company at a very short notice. This may leave the company stranded with no operator there to run the press. This may result in loss of revenue, time and image for the company. Our Backup Support service aims to provide companies with a service where our operators can run their machines if for some reason they do not have an operator to run the job. We have a team of backup operators with us who have got the experience to run various machines being installed in India. They are available on call to run the machines as and when the customers require the same
  3. Advisory Services : Many a times, printers face the challenge of getting a job while they are not able to understand how to go about printing it. They want to develop some new products and for that they need some advise of experienced professionals who can give then unbiased opinion. We are in the process to setup an advisory service, whereby printers can send their questions and get the right answers. The service aims to help, especially new printers, to get over day to day challenges of flexo printing by getting the right people with the necessary knowledge to come and help them.
  4. Service Support : Service support is offered for all machines sold by Weldon Marketing Division. With a team of more than 10 engineers and International technical experts we boast about one of the strongest infrastructures to provide services for the machine sold.